Brockton Area Transit Authority

Route Type: Bus ID
1 Montello Street Via North Main Street
Travels from BAT centre to Walmart
2933 Details
10 Lisa & Howard via N Quincy & Court
From BAt center travels to Lisa & Howard via N. Quincy & Court and back to Bat center
2942 Details
11 Cary Hill & The Village
Travels to Cary Hill and the Village and back to Bat center
2943 Details
12 Ashmont
No transfers permitted for these trips
3219 Details
13 Mini-Maller Westgate Mall, Brockton
Travels from westgate mall to Goddard Rehab & Nursing and back to mall
2945 Details
14 Stoughton via Brockton
Travels from bat center-westgate mall-cobbs center stoughton
2946 Details
2 S Plaza/Campello Via Main Street
Travels from Batcenter to shaws and back to Bat center
2934 Details
3 VA Hospital via Belmont
Travels to VA Hospital and back to Bat center
2935 Details
4 Westgate via Pleasant
Travels to westgate mall and back to Bat center
2936 Details
4A Westgate Mall via N Warren
Travels to Westgate mall via N Warren st and back to Bat center
2937 Details
5 Brockton Hospital via Centre Street
From Bat center to Brockton Hospital Via Centre Street and back to Bat center
2938 Details
6 Massasoit via Crescent Street
Travels from BAT center to massasoit college student union and back to Bat center
2939 Details
8 Southfield via Warren & Plain Street
From Bat center to Southfield via Warren ave & Plain St and back to Bat center
2940 Details
9 Pearl via W Elm & Torrey
From Bat center to pearl Via W Elm & Torrey and back to Bat center
2941 Details
BSU 1 Green Line
Bridgewater State University Service
2948 Details
BSU 2 Blue Line 3220 Details
BSU 3 Red Line 3223 Details
BSU 4 Route 28 3221 Details
BSU 5 Gold Nights and Weekends 3222 Details
RF Rockland Flex
Flexible Route Rockland to Brockton
2947 Details

Route Types