ID Name
2326146 Fourth and Mitchell Details
2326147 Second and Auburn Details
2394945 Regional Medical Clinic (4th Street) Details
2535991 Main Street and Washington Avenue Details
2535992 Tenth and E Street Details
2535993 6th and Broadway Details
2535994 Fourth and Court Details
2535995 Main Street and Washington Avenue Details
2535996 Campbell and Cherry Details
2554970 Specialty Clinic (Sunset Dr.) Details
2554971 La Grande High School Details
2554972 Next Step Pregnancy Details
2554973 Regional Medical Clinic (4th Street) Details
2554974 Blue Mountain Associates Details
2554975 Bi-Mart Details
2554977 Bear Co. Loop Details
2554979 Marketplace Fresh Foods Details
2554981 Department of Human Services Details
2554982 Riveria Activity Center Details
2554983 4th and Mitchell Details
2554984 Main and Court Details
2554985 Grande Ronde Hospital Details
28052 EOU Turnaround
10 meters north of Pierce Library
28053 Sixth Street and K Avenue Details
28054 Eastern Oregon University Shelter
Bus Shelter
28055 Sixth Street and C Avenue Details
28056 Department of Human Services
20 meters south of entry on Gekeler Lane
28057 Gekeler Lane and 12th Street Details
28058 12th Street and H Avenue Details
28059 H Avenue and 16th Street
Cimmaron Apartments
28060 Willow Street and Adams Avenue Details
28061 Safeway
Starbucks Entrance
28062 Box Elder Street and Adams Avenue Details
28063 Max Square Details
28064 Fourth Street and Jefferson Avenue Details
28065 Jefferson Avenue and Second Street Details
28066 Riveria Activity Center
Corner of Y Avenue and Depot Street
28067 Y Avenue and North Fir Street (JD's Market) Details
28068 North Fir Street and Monroe Avenue Details
28069 Monroe Avenue and Spruce Street Details
28070 North Pine Street and Cove Avenue Details
28071 Cove Avenue and Portland Street Details
28072 NEOPT Hub
NEO Transit Hub
28074 Penn Avenue and Albany Street Details
28075 Albertsons
North Entrance
28076 Island Avenue and Walton Road Details
28077 Wal-Mart (Walton Road Complex)
15 meters North of the Garden Dept. ingress/egress
28078 Walton Road and Mulholland Drive Details
28079 Mulholland Drive and Island Avenue Details
28084 NEOPT Hub Details

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