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This spring, the Riverside Transit Agency is pleased to announce the enhancement of 20 bus shelters in Mead Valley, Menifee, Moreno Valley and Riverside. The majority of the improvements will target shelters in Moreno Valley along Alessandro Boulevard and Cottonwood Avenue. From March through June, these shelters will remain in service while crews renovate them with a fresh new look. Please note that during construction, these stops will remain in service even though the shelters, bench and trash receptacles may be temporarily removed for up to three days.
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Beginning Sunday, March 10, the Route 3 northbound and Route 29 westbound bus stop (#1222) at the intersection of Hamner Avenue and Eastvale Gateway will move to the intersection of Hamner Avenue and the entrance of Swan Lake Mobile Home Park.
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On Sunday, March 17, the Route 14 westbound bus stop #2662 on Iowa Avenue near Blaine Street in Riverside will be permanently closed due to congestion in the area. The closest stop, #3422, is approximately 800 feet away.
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Beginning Sunday, March 3, eastbound Route 40 buses will begin serving the Menifee Valley Medical Center. Westbound buses are expected to begin serving the hospital as soon as the traffi c signals are installed in this area, but in the meantime, the nearest westbound stop is on McCall Boulevard near Hillpointe Drive.
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