Feed Deprecation

Monday, 26 August 2019

In many cases, an existing feed is replaced by another feed that is not identical. For example, a country may produce a national transit feed that replaces multiple city or transit agency feeds. In that case, the original feed is deprecated - it will no longer be updated and should not be used by data consumers. The new feed is the successor to the deprecated feed.

We have added support for OpenMobilityData maintainers to mark feeds as deprecated, and indicate a successor feed. This will change the OpenMobilityData API in the following ways:

  • /getFeeds - Does not return deprecated feeds, to prevent their mistaken discovery.
  • /getFeedVersions - When called with the specific feed name of a deprecated feed, will not return that feed. Instead it will return a "status" of DEPRECATED and a "msg" like "This feed has been deprecated. Use [Successor Feed] instead."
  • /getLatestFeedVersion - For deprecated feeds, will have the same behavior as /getFeedVersions.

Deprecated feeds will not be immediately removed from OpenMobilityData’s database and can still be accessed through the web interface, where they will be visually flagged as deprecated. If a successor feed has been identified it will be named and linked to.

OpenMobilityData maintainers will begin deprecating feeds on Friday, 6 September 2019. Many of these feeds are now years out of date, but if this causes a problem for your application, please contact our Support link to discuss a solution.