Mt Albert Rd/Marcellin College

Routes At This Stop

ID Description Type
29505-20231207132657_v107.54 295 Royal Oak To City Centre Bus Details
00651-20231207132657_v107.54 006 Titirangi To Remuera Schools Bus Details
06601-20231207132657_v107.54 66 Pt Chevalier Beach To Sylvia Park Via Mt Albert Rd Bus Details
06602-20231207132657_v107.54 66 Sylvia Park To Pt Chevalier Beach Via Mt Albert Rd Bus Details
29506-20231207132657_v107.54 295 City Centre To Royal Oak Bus Details
00652-20231207132657_v107.54 006 Remuera Schools To Titirangi Bus Details
29502-20231207132657_v107.54 295 City Centre To Ellerslie Station Via Royal Oak Bus Details
29501-20231207132657_v107.54 295 Ellerslie Station To City Centre Via Royal Oak Bus Details
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Stop Summary

  • Source Data: stops.txt
  • Stop ID: 11574-20231207132657_v107.54
  • Stop Code: 11574
  • Stop Type: Station
  • Stop Zone: merged_56
  • URL: Not specified
  • Wheelchair Boarding: Not specified