Half Moon Bay Terminal

Routes At This Stop

ID Description Type
73502-20231207132657_v107.54 735 Half Moon Bay To Botany Via Howick And Cockle Bay Bus Details
95061-20231207132657_v107.54 FBHM Half Moon Bay Terminal To Panmure Station Bus Details
73501-20231207132657_v107.54 735 Botany To Half Moon Bay Via Cockle Bay And Howick Bus Details
95060-20231207132657_v107.54 FBHM Panmure Station To Half Moon Bay Terminal Bus Details
73401-20231207132657_v107.54 734 Botany To Half Moon Bay Via Highland Park Bus Details
73402-20231207132657_v107.54 734 Half Moon Bay To Botany Via Highland Park Bus Details
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/Half Moon Bay Ferry 31581-20231207132657_v107.54
1940. Half Moon Bay Terminal 1940-20231207132657_v107.54

Stop Summary

  • Source Data: stops.txt
  • Stop ID: 1940-20231207132657_v107.54
  • Stop Code: 1940
  • Stop Type: Stop
  • Stop Zone: merged_56
  • URL: Not specified
  • Wheelchair Boarding: Not specified

  • Operates: 7 days
  • Starts: Saturday, 9 December 2023
  • Ends: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
  • Exceptions: 280 dates added, 436 dates removed