Roberts Road

Routes At This Stop

ID Description Type
01452-20231207132657_v107.54 014 Rutherford College To View Road Bus Details
01302-20231207132657_v107.54 13 Te Atatu Peninsula Loop To Henderson Bus Details
01359-20231207132657_v107.54 013 Glendene To Rutherford College Bus Details
02257-20231207132657_v107.54 022 Henderson to Rangeview Intermediate via Glendene Bus Details
02264-20231207132657_v107.54 022 Rangeview Intermediate to Henderson via Glendene Bus Details
01364-20231207132657_v107.54 013 Rutherford College to Glendene Bus Details
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Stop Summary

  • Source Data: stops.txt
  • Stop ID: 5102-20231207132657_v107.54
  • Stop Code: 5102
  • Stop Type: Stop
  • Stop Zone: merged_56
  • URL: Not specified
  • Wheelchair Boarding: Not specified

  • Operates: 7 days
  • Starts: Saturday, 9 December 2023
  • Ends: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
  • Exceptions: 320 dates added, 412 dates removed