Waiata Avenue

Routes At This Stop

ID Description Type
78101-20231130152817_v107.50 781 Mission Bay To Museum Via Orakei Bus Details
40952-20231130152817_v107.50 409 Baradene To St Johns And Glendowie Bus Details
52251-20231130152817_v107.50 522 St Heliers to Epsom Schools Bus Details
78104-20231130152817_v107.50 781 Newmarket To Mission Bay Via Orakei Bus Details
51551-20231130152817_v107.50 515 Remuera To Auckland Grammar Via Portland Rd Bus Details
52261-20231130152817_v107.50 522 St Heliers To Epsom Schools Bus Details
41152-20231130152817_v107.50 411 Baradene To Panmure Via Stonefields Bus Details
51951-20231130152817_v107.50 519 Ellerslie To Baradene Bus Details
00651-20231130152817_v107.50 006 Titirangi To Remuera Schools Bus Details
51552-20231130152817_v107.50 515 Auckland Grammar To Remuera Via Portland Rd Bus Details
78103-20231130152817_v107.50 781 Mission Bay To Newmarket Via Orakei Bus Details
52262-20231130152817_v107.50 522 Epsom Schools to St Heliers Bus Details
52252-20231130152817_v107.50 522 Epsom Schools To St Heliers Bus Details
41252-20231130152817_v107.50 412 Baradene To Glen Innes Via West Tamaki Rd Bus Details
78102-20231130152817_v107.50 781 Museum To Mission Bay Via Orakei Bus Details
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Stop Summary

  • Source Data: stops.txt
  • Stop ID: 7780-20231130152817_v107.50
  • Stop Code: 7780
  • Stop Type: Stop
  • Stop Zone: merged_55
  • URL: Not specified
  • Wheelchair Boarding: Not specified

  • Operates: 7 days
  • Starts: Friday, 1 December 2023
  • Ends: Friday, 8 December 2023