ID Name
2430128 1st St. SW and S Monroe Ave. Details
2430129 Mercy Medical Center Details
2430130 Ashley Furniture Details
2430131 West Plaza (HyVee West) Details
2430132 Target Super Center Details
2430133 Mercy Medical Center West Details
2430134 Wal-Mart Details
2430135 Salvation Army Thrift Store Details
2430136 Willowbrook Mall Details
2430137 S Pierce Ave. and 8th St. SW Details
2430138 Shopko Details
2430139 Central Park Details
2430140 Fareway Details
2430141 N Pennsylvania Ave. and 13th St. NE Details
2430142 12th St. NE and N Rhode Island Ave. Details
2430143 12th St. NE and N Hampshire Ave. (Westbound) Details
2430144 N Pennsylvania Ave. and 17th St. NE Details
2430145 N Madison Ave. and 12th St. NW Details
2430146 N Fillmore Ave. and 8th St. NW (Hoover School) Details
2430147 Community Kitchen Details
2430148 4th St. NW and N Washington Ave. Details
2430149 S President Ave. and 6th St. SW Details
2430150 8th St. SW and S Federal Ave. Details
2430151 South Port Mall Details
2430152 North Iowa Vocational Center Details
2430153 S Monroe Ave. and 19th St. SW Details
2430154 24th St. SW and S Federal Ave. Details
2430155 21st St. SE and S Pennsylvania Ave. Details
2430156 15th St. SE and S Federal Ave. Details
2430157 2nd St. SE and S Delaware Ave. Details
2430158 S Pennsylvania Ave. and 2nd St. SE Details
2430159 S Pennsylvania Ave. and 6th St. SE Details
2430160 6th St. SE and S Carolina Ave. Details
2430161 6th St. SE and S Kentucky Ave. Details
2430162 S Tennessee Ave. and Manor Dr. Details
2430163 Regency Mall (HyVee East) Details
2430164 Mason City Middle & High School Details
2430165 E State St. and N Kentucky Ave. Details
2430166 3rd St. NE and N Pennsylvania Ave. Details
2430167 N Georgia Ave. and 4th St. NE Details
2430168 N Carolina Ave. and 9th St. NE (Northbound) Details
2430169 Birch Dr. and N Kentucky Ave. Details
2430170 N Kentucky Ave. and 12th St. NE Details
2430171 North Iowa Area Community College Details
2430172 12th St. NE and N Hampshire Ave. (Eastbound) Details
2430173 4th St. NE and N Georgia Ave. Details
2430178 Salvation Army Activity Center Details
2430179 1st St. SW and S Jefferson Ave. Details
2430180 1st St. SW and S Crescent Dr. Details
2430181 S Taylor Ave. and 1st St. SW Details

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