ID Name
2512561 Protection Mountain Louise Bound Details
2512562 Protection Mountain Banff Bound Details
2512563 Baker Creek Louise Bound Details
2512564 Baker Creek Banff Bound Details
2517686 Somerset-Bridlewood LRT Details
2537730 Bow Meadows Details
2537732 The Shops of Canmore Details
2537733 Canmore Seniors Lodge East Details
2537734 Canmore Collegiate South Details
2537735 Railway Ave West Details
2537738 Elk Run Blvd Details
2559059 Moraine Lake Details
2577172 Kananaskis Way North Details
2577173 Three Sisters Parkway at Dyrgas Gate Details
2577174 Three Sisters Parkway at Fitzgerald Rise Details
2581579 Banff High School Field Details
2581624 Rimrock Drop Off Only
This stop is drop off only. No pickups offered here.
2611961 Caribou East - Beaver Street Details
2611962 Caribou West - Beaver Street Details
2613909 Tunnel Mountain 1 Drop Off Only
This stop is drop off only.
2618207 Moraine Lake Shuttle Details
2740232 OnIt Banff Details
2740233 Parking Lot Shuttle Downtown Details
2745524 Bow Falls Details
3449924 Kananaskis Way South Details
3463440 Arts Place Canmore Details
3478348 Owl at Eagle Details
3478349 Roam Operations Building Details
4209014 Banff Train Station Details
4211133 Lake Louise Sports and Rec. Centre Details
4211134 Sentintel Road Details
4211135 Fairview Drive Details
4211136 Lake Louise Inn Details
4211137 Village Road Details
4211138 Lake Louise Lakeshore Bus Lot Details
4211151 Lake Louise Lakeshore Summer Details

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