ID Code Name
0600MA0002 CHEGPTJ Upton Priory, opp Pavilion Way Details
0600MA0007 CHEGPWD Macclesfield, Coare Street (cnr) Details
0600MA0008 CHEGPWG Macclesfield, opp Coare Street Details
0600MA0009 CHEGPWJ Macclesfield, Beechwood Mews (N-bound) Details
0600MA0009A CHEPMTJ Macclesfield, Beechwood Mews (SE-bound) Details
0600MA0010 CHEGPWM Tytherington, Badger Road (cnr) Details
0600MA0011 CHEGPWP Tytherington, opp Badger Road Details
0600MA0049 CHEGTJG Macclesfield, nr Tesco Details
0600MA0050 CHEGTJM Macclesfield, opp Tesco Details
0600MA0236 CHEATWP Shaw Heath, o/s Falcon Bearer PH Details
0600MA0250 CHEAWAJ Mobberley, nr Bucklow Avenue Details
0600MA0251 CHEAWAM Mobberley, opp Bucklow Avenue Details
0600MA0253 CHEMPDP Mobberley, nr Victory Hall Details
0600MA0256 CHEMPGA Knolls Green, opp Bird in Hand Details
0600MA0274 CHEAWAT Alderley Edge, Nat West Bank (S-bound) Details
0600MA0275 CHEAWAW Alderley Edge, nr Nat West Bank Details
0600MA0324 CHEMTGD Bollington, Clarke Lane (cnr) Details
0600MA0325 CHEMTGJ Bollington, opp Clarke Lane Details
0600MA0326 CHEMTGM Bollington Cross, Princess Drive (cnr) Details
0600MA0327 CHEMTGP Bollington Cross, opp Princess Drive Details
0600MA0328 CHEMTGT Bollington Cross, o/s Cock & Pheasant Details
0600MA0378 CHEAWMW Newtown, nr Swan Hotel Details
0600MA0379 CHEAWPA Newtown, opp Swan Hotel Details
0600MA0381 CHEMWDJ Newtown, Peveril Gardens (cnr) Details
0600MA0383 CHEMWDP Newtown, Overdale Road (cnr) Details
0600MA0384 CHEMWDT Newtown, Lower Greenshall Lane (NE-bound) Details
0600MA0387 CHEMWGD Danebank, opp 128 Buxton Road Details
0600MA0389 CHEMWGM Danebank, nr White Lion PH (Unmarked) Details
0600MA0390 CHEMWGP Danebank, o/s The Albert Hotel Details
0600MA0392 CHEMWGW Disley, o/s Dandy Cock PH Details
0600MA0394 CHEAWPG Disley, o/s Ram's Head Hotel Details
0600MA0395 CHEAWPJ Disley, opp Ram's Head Hotel Details
0600MA0397 CHEMWJD Disley, opp Railway Station Details
0600MA0398 CHEMWJG Disley, o/s Lyme Park Details
0600MA0399 CHEMWJM Disley, opp Lyme Park Details
0600MA0400 CHEMWJP Disley, opp Park Road (Unmarked) Details
0600MA0401 CHEMWJT Disley, nr Park Road Details
0600MA0417 CHEAWTW Tytherington, opp Freshfield Drive Details
0600MA0418 CHEMWMT Tytherington, nr Tytherington Club Details
0600MA0419 CHEMWMW Bollington Cross, opp St Oswald's Church Details
0600MA0419A CHEPMTD Bollington Cross, o/s St Oswald's Church Details
0600MA0421 CHEMWPD Bollington Cross, opp South West Avenue Details
0600MA0429 CHEGADJ Bollington, nr Waggon & Horses Details
0600MA0430 CHEGADM Bollington, adj Waggon & Horses Details
0600MA0431 CHEMWTA Bollington, Hawthorn Road (cnr) Details
0600MA0432 CHEMWTD Bollington, opp Hawthorn Road Details
0600MA0433 CHEMWTG Bollington, opp Adlington Road Details
0600MA0434 CHEMWTJ Bollington, Adlington Road (cnr) Details
0600MA0435 CHEMWTM Bollington, Aquaduct (SW-bound) Details
0600MA0436 CHEMWTP Bollington, Aquaduct (E-bound) Details

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