Saskatoon Transit Service Alerts

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The following stops will be temporarily closed: 3174 - 25th Street / 5th Ave Alternate Stops: Temp Stop - 25th Street WB / 5th Ave, west of 5th Ave 3176 - 25th Street / 6th Avenue Messages for Customers: Please check the schedules to confirm the approximate time of service before venturing outdoors, and to dress for the weather in case of delays. Please consult the transit app or contact customer service for trip planning assistance (306.975.3100).
Agency Route Type Stop Trip
- 13156 - 3174 -
Route 333 will provide service from the Special Events stop at 23rd Street and 2nd Avenue at 17:45 and 18:25. Return service to the downtown terminal will be available at the end of the event.
Agency Route Type Stop Trip
- 13180 - 3164 -
- 13180 - 4500 -

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