West Farms Sq-E Tremont Av

Routes At This Stop

ID Description Type
2 2 7 Avenue Express
Trains operate between Wakefield-241 St, Bronx, and Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, at all times. Trains operate local in Bronx and Brooklyn. Trains operate express in Manhattan except late night when it operates local.
Subway / Metro Details
5 5 Lexington Avenue Express
Weekdays daytime, most trains operate between either Dyre Av or 238 St-Nereid Av, Bronx, and Flatbush Av-Brooklyn College, Brooklyn. At all other times except during late nights, trains operate between Dyre Av, Bronx, and Bowling Green, Manhattan. During late nights trains operate only in the Bronx between Dyre Av and E 180 St/MorrisPark Av. Customers who ride during late night hours can transfer to 2 service at the E 180 St Station. At all times, trains operate express in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Weekdays, trains in the Bronx operate express from E 180 St to 149 St-3 Av during morning rush hours (from about 6 AM to 9 AM), and from 149 St-3 Av to E 180 St during the evening rush hours (from about 4 PM to 7 PM).
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Thursday, 19 August 2021

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  • Stop ID: 214S
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  • Operates: 7 days
  • Starts: Sunday, 4 December 2022
  • Ends: Saturday, 24 June 2023
  • Exceptions: 8 dates added, 8 dates removed